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Recent Minutes (2020-21 Draft and Final) updated 11 September 2021




      Draft 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes (to be approved at 2022 Mtg)

      Draft August 2021 Minutes (New)

      Final July 2021 Minutes (New)

      Final June 2021Minutes

o   President's E-Mail to DSS President re. Tot Lot Agreement Extension (New)

o  Draft Amendment to Extend Tot Lot Agreement (New)

       Final May 2021 Minutes

       Final April 2021 Minutes

      Final March 2021 Minutes

o  Draft Sidewalk Maintenance Reminder to Homeowners - Approved

o  Environs Committee Charter

o  Draft TotLot Subcommittee Charter - Approved

      Final February 2021 Minutes

      Final January 2021 Minutes

o  Motion on Seller's Packet Content




      Final November 2020 Minutes

      Final October 2020 Minutes

      Final September 2020 Minutes

      Final August 2020 Minutes

      Final July 2020 Minutes

      Draft July 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes (To be approvd at 2021 Annual Meeing

      Final June 2020 Minutes

      Final May 2020 Minutes

      Final April 2020 Minutes

      Final March 2020 Minutes

      Final February 2020 Minutes

      Final January 2020 Minutes



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