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·     2020 Annual Meeting Information! (updated 5/15/2020) (NEW)


·     Rescheduled to July 27, 2020 from April 27, 2020.


·     Cognizant of the ongoing need for social distancing, the BOD unanimously approved conducting the July 27, 2020 Annual meeting entirely by mail-in ballot/proxy. The officer presentations and community forum normally part of the Annual Meeting will occur during the regular June 22, 2020 BOD meeting remotely and open to all Association members via Zoom. The BOD recognizes that this format is a departure from normal and that action by State or County governments could require its modification.


·     See latest BOD meeting minutes on our website for updates.


·     Zoom Teleconferencing Tool information will be distributed by US mail and internet email and our website. Contact TMGA at 301-948-6666 for the access code to our Zoom meetings to be issued the day of each meeting.


·     Jun 22, 2020, 7:30pm (Monday) – June BOD Meeting

·     Location: VIRTUAL MEETING by Teleconference

·     Practice Zoom connection for Homeowners unfamiliar with Zoom


·     Annual Meeting Notices:

a. March 02, 2020 1st Call Notice Postcard

b.March 05, 2020 Email to Homeowners and Residents

c.  Apr 07, 2020 Email Announcing Rescheduled Annual Meeting

d.May 01, 2020 Letter Notification of Rescheduled Annual Meeting

e.  June xx, 2020 Final Annual Meeting Notification for voting 

a. Candidate Qualification Stmt for Gary Palmer

b.Candidate Qualification Statement for John Redmon

c.  Candidate Qualification Statement for Art Rawson

d.Final Proxy/Ballot (TBS)

f.    Draft 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes - BOD Approved

g. President’s Report (TBS)

h.Treasurer’s Report (TBS)

i.    Environs Committee Report (TBS)