Active Issues In Our Neighborhood (upd. 7-18-2019)

  Volunteers needed for Committees

  No Volunteers Mean Higher Association Fees

  Periodically we try to get volunteers to help clean the common areas and to trim trees. Please be prepared to volunteer.

  Kids can get community service credit to help meet their school requirement ask any board member.


  Outside Maintenance by Homeowners

  Garbage left outside for days is a health hazard, not to mention an ugly sight.

  Lawns need to be cut regularly in the summer.

  Storage items and trash should not be left in the front (not even the porch, driveway or stoop).

  Watch out for trees that grow branches into the road and hinder traffic or cover fire hydrants.


        Department of Housing and Community Affairs website



        DHCA Guide to Code Enforcement:




        DHCA Code Enforcement Index




        DHCA Landlord-tenant Handbook



        Montgomery County landlord Responsibilities





        American Legal Publishing Corporation (NOTE: Open in new tab!)


o   I ncludes Housing Code Enforcement Codes/Law

        Chapter 26 - Housing and Building Maintenance Standards*

        Chapter 48 - Solid Waste*

        Chapter 58 - Weeds*



  {Updated 12/10/2003)