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Important News and Information (updated 10/19///2020)


·      2021 Draft Budget Cover Letter

·      2021 Draft Budget

·      Homeowner comments will be considered during the November BOD meeting


·      2021 Final Budget – will be mailed and posted here after approval during November BOD meeting.


·      Email permission requested from all homeowners to allow email transmission of various legal documents

·      $10 credit offered by Board of Directors to homeowners providing written permission


1.   Credit will be applied to 2021 Annual assessment if permission is received by November 15, 2020

2.   Credit will be applied to 2022 Annual Assessment if permission is received after November 15, 2020


·      To provide permission, homeowners should copy permission form below to an email, add the requested information (name, property address, date,email address), and email the completed form to


·      See this link for more details: $10 Assessment Credit

·      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



I give my permission for Derwood Station HOA No. 2  Inc. to use the e-mail address below to send to me official notices/information as required by Association governing documents and/or applicable Maryland statutes. I may revoke this permission at any time by notifying the BOD or its representatives in writing.


·      Name of Association Member:

·      Member’s Derwood Station Property Address:

·      Date:

·      Member’s e-Mail Address:



NOTE: Copying the above may require you to reformat the text to make each bulleted entry a separate line.


Alternatively, open the Microsoft WORD file at the link below and copy the authorization portion to an email. Send the email to


1.   WORD .doc