Environs News

Gude landfill (updated 20 January 2019)


       Gude Landfill Remediation Project - DEP Site (190129)

o   Under Development by Dept. of Environment Protection


       15 December 2018: Capping Status

1.    Prepared by GLCC Chairman Keith Ligon


       November 2013: Gude ACM - Appendix G Recommended CMA Work Plan.pdf


       GLCC Meets Monthly open to public

        Location Crabbs Branch Way Transportaion Maintenance Center

1.    Montgomery County Service Park Building

2.    16641 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville


       Gude Landfill Remediation Status Prepared by County DEP and Engineering Contractor

o   Notice of DEP Community Meeting 18 Sept. 2012 Community meeting sponsored by Montgomery County

o   NES/Amendment No.1 Amendment to Nature and Extent Study submitted to MDE

o   ACM Summaries - Assessment of Corrective Measures