Assessment Payments – updated 29 Nov 2020



·      DSHOA2 Annual Assessment Payment Methods – DUE JANUARY 01, 2021

·      Note amount due on invoice (a few homeowners have small credit or debit balances)

·      Note your account number on invoice (contact TMGA or Laszlo if you misplace your invoice)

·      Follow up on your payment to make sure it was credited by the due date.

·      Online Transfer Pulled by Union Bank from Your Personal Bank

1.   This is the fastest way to pay your assessment and will provide you with an prompt email confirmation.

2.   Select the link in step 5 below and then the “Make Payment” button (in red) and then the “Make One-Time Payment” and follow online instructions to provide your address and bank information.

3.   NOTE: If your account number begins with a “0”, do NOT include it when the system prompts you for your account number.

4.   DSHOA2 Annual Assessment Payment Website - Via Union Bank


·      Personal Check and invoice by mail

1.   Mail your check to the address below.

2.   Mail to:

Derwood Station HOA

C/O The Management Group Assoc.

P.O. Box 105007

Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

3.   Consider scanning your invoice and printing it or request replacement from TMGA if you misplace it.

4.   Track your payment to make sure it clears your bank account.

5.   Call TMGA or Laszlo Harsanyi with any questions.


·      Direct Debit Form (print and mail)

1.   Direct Debit must be set up in advance! Contact TMGA to make sure the automatic payment will be applied in time.