Ms. Jeffrey Popp

Chesapeake Bay Trust

60 West Street, Suite 405

Annapolis, MD 21401


Dear Mr. Popp,


            On behalf of the Derwood Station Homeowners Association No. 2, we are writing to endorse Rock Creek Conservancy’s project to install conservation landscaping in one of our neighborhood common areas. This project area was selected to better manage stormwater runoff in our neighborhood which drains directly into the Crabbs Branch tributary of Rock Creek. Our HOA has a well-documented history of working to improve our common areas and

the community at large.


            We initiated this project four years ago with a tree planting project that replaced declining white pine trees with native deciduous trees.  The overall plan for the site also includes the, now completed, installation of a walking path for local residents to enjoy the common area.  At this time, we also commissioned the original design for the conservation landscaping project. 


            The proposed project area is a grassy common area that receives stormwater runoff from the surrounding streets and homes as well as a drainage pipe that empties water from other areas.  The project aims to manage this water and filter as much of it as possible before it enters Crabbs Branch. We support the project as it is designed pending final review by a landscape engineer. 


            In addition, we have reviewed the maintenance plan and also discussed it with Rock Creek Conservancy.  We are committed to the long term maintenance of the site to include watering, application of deer browse or other deer deterrent practice, and weeding. We plan to use a combination of volunteer labor, in cooperation with Rock Creek Conservancy, and assessment income as needed to manage this commitment. 


            We look forward to the installation of this project and are excited about the possibility it being a model for other HOAs who are interested in stormwater management. 




Board of Directors

Derwood Station HOA No. 2