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      Approved 2nd 5-Year Tree Plan

      Common Area 2 Rain Garden Promotional Video Link to CBT Video

      Prepared by University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center

      Michelle Kokolis, Program Manager


       Other Recent Distribution Emails

       March 05, 2020 Email to Homeowners and Residents

       2019 Homeowner Directory Update Request 190222

       County Snow Removal Status Website 190113

      Common Area 2018 Tree Survey

1.     Tree Inventory Report

2.   Tree Inventory LH181109 version

      Commmon Area Responsibilities 181114

1.   Letter to Homeowners Bordering Common Areas 181114

      County Codes and Pet Waste Penalties

      New Smoke Alarm Requirements

      Make and Keep Rainbarrel Workshop

      Your Property Maintenance Responsibilities

      DSHOA2 Call for Volunteers