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DSHOA2 Tree Project for Developing Common Areas updated 14 January 2017


       Projects affecting DSHOA2 in 2012-2013 and beyond

o   Common Area Projects Plans

o   Link to Common Area Map


       Common Area Tree Inventory Recommendations on removal and replacement of Common Area 11 Trees

o   Link to Inventory


       5-yr plan to begin 2012

o   15 September 2012, 1:00pm (Saturday) BOD Members meet with Homeowners

1.    Phase 1 (TotLot CA) Plans


       Recommendations on removal and replacement of Common Area 8 Trees

o   Phase 1 (TotLot CA 8) Plans completed Fall 2012!

       Illustrative Images of Trees Planted


cid:image001.jpg@01CD91EB.85F8A760 cid:image002.jpg@01CD91EC.2C65C970

cid:image003.jpg@01CD91EC.943C46A0 cid:image008.jpg@01CD91EF.27669D20




Muskogee Crape Myrtle

Foster Holly

Willow Oak

London Plane








       Descriptions of Trees planted


o   Phase 2 (CA 11 - West of TotLot and beyond Indianola) Plans (New)

       Letter to Homeowners Bordering CA

       Schedule and Plan for Phase 2 (to be supplied)

1.    20 - Number of trees marked for removal (DSHOA2 border)

2.    42 - Number of trees/bushes marked for removal (DSS border)

1.    Some markers indicate branches/bushes overhanging from DSS property


o   Phase 3 (CA13 West of Indianola by Bulletin board

       Email to Homeowners Bordering CA13



o   Phase 4 (CA2 East of Buena Vista Drive and North of Mahaska Drive

       Letter to Homeowners Bordering CA2

      Common Area Development Status

1.   Plans for Common Area 2 (between Mahaska and Buena Vista Drive) have been completed. Open the following document for a detailed schematic.

2.   Derwood Station HOA2 CA2 Concept Plan - Final

3.   May 24, 2016 - Email to Homeowners - Alternate Plan


June 13, 2015 Environs Committee CA Improvement Report and Presentations

1.     Environs Committee Report on CA2 Improvements Select link

2.     May 28, 2015 Common Area 2 Improvement Plan Select link

3.     May 28, 2015 Common Area 12 Improvement Plan Select link