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ICC RC 73 & RC 74 Projects for Stormwater Management (13 January 2017)

       Description of Project to MC Planning Board Feb 05, 2015

       Contractor Questions Raised Sep 11, 2013

       Email to Homeowners Jan 13, 2017

       (more to come)


       Note: The RFP for this contract has been issued and work initiated. Final details may vary significantly from the documents linked below:

o   Notice to Homeowners on ICC Pond Modifications dated 2012

o   Project Plan Dated 2012 (2.5MB)

o   SHA CONTRACT NO. AX3765360 Dated 2014 (74.5MB)

o   Bid Contract Dated March 2016 (19.6MB)

o   Bid Contract Dated March 2016 on google drive

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