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DSHOA2 Related Projects – updated 10 December 2018


·       Gude Landfill Remediation Project


·       DSHOA2 Tree Project for Developing Common Areas – updated 13 January 2017


·       ICC RC 73 & RC 74 Projects for Stormwater Management – updated 13 january 2017


·       CBT Grant – Conservation Landscaping Project (updated 13 July 2017)


Ribbon Cutting: Crabbs Branch Conservation Landscaping Project

June 06, 2018

Over a year of work has finally paid off! On June 6, 2018,  Rock Creek
Conservancy hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially "open" the
> Crabbs Branch Conservation Landscaping project in Derwood, MD.
The green infrastructure project was over a year in the works, requiring
partnerships between Derwood Homeowners Association #2,  the Montgomery
County Department of Environmental Protection, and The Chesapeake Bay Trust
(not to mention the landscape designers, engineers, and landscapers who were

After the project was installed in early May, the landscape, designed to
keep stormwater out of Crabbs Branch (and therefore Rock Creek) faced its
first test. Over the following weeks over 9 inches of rain would
continuously fall in the area, flooding sections of Maryland and Washington,

·       Examples of Project Perennial Plants

·       Examples of Project Shrubs (New)

·       Examples of Project Graminoids (to be supplied)


Annual Derwood Station Barbecue

October 06, 2018

·      Link to more Pix

·       Link to Derwood South’s Website and Pix

General Information (updated 13 January 2017)


·       Architectural Controls in DSHOA2

o   Continue 34-year practice

§  Submit architectural change plans to TMGA for review byARC for all external modifications.

§  Architectural Modification Notice (Application and Instructions)


Maintaining Curb Appeal and Property Values


o    “Curb Appeal” refers to the appearance of your home and property from the curb or street. This usually means the front of your house, but for homes located on street corners, it also applies to the side or rear of the house.

o   List of Common Eyesores

The following common maintenance issues are easy to overlook and to put off fixing:

§  Grass too high

§  Trash cans left outside

§  Siding loose or missing

§  Garage doors and entrance doors and porch railing requiring painting

§  Fence gates and wood rotting and requiring replacement

§  More…  (to be supplied)

o   Gas Leak Reporting

§  Gas pipeline runs through Common Area between DSHOA2 and DSS

§  Gas from pipeline to homes is manged by Washington Gas and scented for leak detection


o   Who is responsible for grass and leaves between street and sidewalk?

§  Homeowners are responsible for maintaining abutting grass mowing and leaf collection.

§  County is responsible for tree trimming and planting.


o   Who is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks?

§  Homeowners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from abutting sidewalks.


County Environment Services (May 18, 2002)


·       Reporting Downed Trees to 240-777-7623
The trees along Oskaloosa and Indianola, between the sidewalk and the street, are on Montgomery County property. If you see that one of them has fallen, or that trees anywhere in the Association area have fallen into the street, call the Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation, Division of Highway Services at 240-777-7623. Get a work order number for follow-up. After normal working hours there is an answering service to leave a recording.
When the crews come to work at removing the trees, please make sure you give them the courtesy of driving slowly and carefully in the vicinity of their work-in-progress.
For comments and thoughts, please call Gary Palmer, Environs Committee, at 301-948-6494.


·       Reporting street lights out at 240-777-2190
Street lights in our association area have been numbered to allow easier communication with the Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation, Division of Traffic and Parking at 240-777-2190. If you call, it would also be helpful to include the nearest address and any specifics about the problem especially if the light works intermittently or is completely inoperative. Get a work order number for follow-up.
For comments and thoughts, please call Gary Palmer, Environs Committee, at 301-948-6494